A Message from

President and CEO Miho Hanafusa

President and CEO Miho Hanafusa

Unexpected changes and various types of paradigm shifts occur in the recent extreme changeable circumstances with higher uncertainty. Who can tell which direction the society should go or where it is destined to in the age in which the situation is quick to change and not easy to be foreseen? When we try to see the future of the society and the planet, we can say that we keep searching for a fundamental question such as ‘what is a human-being?’

We are staying, at the same time, in the whirlpool of the astronomically increasing information on daily basis. Thus, it is very important that we find out, visualize symptoms of something totally hidden or something unseen but existing under cover, to create meaning and make values for them with a wider view, deeper thinking, precise analysis, and exquisite awareness.

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation (MCR) is a scientific consulting firm of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHC Group), and has a history of no shorter than 40 years in which it has exercised professional performance and has achieved the successful results on comprehensive or cutting-edge research and analysis, consultation necessary for business strategy planning in wider areas including chemistry, life science, nanotechnology, IT, electronics, environment, and energy. The skilled and experienced expert group uses its wealth of knowledge and activates the global networks on research and development, manufacturing and technology, production, business operation, with long-time accumulated experience for chemistry, science, technology, intellectual property, information search and processing. Referring to diverse sources with the valuable information on the society, economy, politics, industry, market, environment, MCR’s professional experts endeavor every day in order to provide the affiliated people with further value-added research, analysis and proposal.

MCR will make every effort to weave gigantic knowledge and wisdom, combine them, and make them linked one another even if those look unrelated each other, so it can contribute to citizens in society. Also, MCR will provide with solutions and innovations to tackle various social issues and subjects for sustainable circular economy, so we can help KAITEKI (MCHC Group’s company vision, comfortability of people, society, planet to eternally exist) realized.