■Basic Principle

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation is a consulting company with a track record in the science and technology sector. Our company recognizes the social responsibility related to protection of personal information and we have built a personal information protection management system in order to realize the policy outlined below. We declare that we will engage in efforts company-wide directed at continual improvement.

■Personal Information Protection Policy

<Acquisition of Personal Information>

1. When our company obtains personal information, we acquire it in an appropriate manner after clarifying the purpose of acquisition.

<Utilization of Personal Information>

2. The personal information acquired by our company is utilized in order that our company achieves its objectives through conducting business activities. Such information is not utilized for purposes other than these objectives, and to this end, measures are adopted.

<Furnishing of Personal Information>

3. The personal information acquired by our company is not furnished to third parties without the express consent of the person concerned except for appropriate reasons such as legal ones.

<Observation of Laws and Regulations Concerning Personal Information>

4. We observe laws and ordinances, guidelines prescribed by the government, and other standards concerning personal Information.

<Safety Measures for Personal Information>

5. In order to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information, we have adopted rational safety measures as well as implemented rapid rectification measures for the rare possibility of trouble occurring.

<Responses to Complaints and Consultations>

6. Regarding handling of personal information and personal information protection management systems, we accept complaints and consultations from the person/s concerned, and respond appropriately and moreover, swiftly.

This policy has been distributed to all of our employees. Furthermore, we are endeavoring to educate and enlighten all of our staff and achieve a high level of personal information protection awareness. Further, for inquires regarding this matter, please contact the following.

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation, Personal Information Protection Office
Telephone: +81-3-50-3171-1175;

Date of Enactment: April 1, 2005

Latest Revision Date: April 1, 2016

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation President & CEO: Hidehiko Yashima