Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information at Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical Research Corporation (MCR) respects the privacy of its customers, and the website operated by MCR observes Japanese laws regarding protection of personal information, as well as handling personal information with care. The website is operated under the terms of the policy described below. The following only applies to the handling of personal information in MCR’s website.

Further, please click here for MCR’s personal information protection policy.

1. Purpose of personal information utilization
In principle, customer personal information will be utilized for the purposes of handling sales and service of MCR’s products and enquiries, answering questions, and furnishing product information, as well as for the purpose of improving MCR’s products and services. Further, if the customer no longer desires receiving product information from MCR, upon instruction from the customer, MCR will cease from providing such information. In addition, other than the aforementioned objectives, and having clearly expressed the purposes of utilization beforehand, customer personal information obtained through this website will not be utilized for any other purposes.

2.Nondisclosure to third parties
Other than the instances described below, the personal information obtained from customers will not be disclosed or provided to third parties.
(1) When permission is obtained from the customer.
(2) When disclosure is requested based on powers defined in legislation by public bodies such as government offices.
(3) When disclosure to affiliated companies of MCR is required in order to appropriately respond to enquiries.
(4) When it is necessary to disclose the name, address, and telephone number of the customer in order that products are delivered.

However, for (3) and (4) above, for the company involved, MCR will strictly monitor and manage the handling of personal information by the said consigned party.

3.Disclosure, amendment, and deletion of registration information
If a request is made from a customer to disclose, change, verify, correct, or delete their registered personal information, this will be responded to using appropriate methods only when MCR can verify that the person is the actual customer or someone that has been delegated by the customer.

4.Personal information management
In order to safely administer and manage the personal information of customers, rational and appropriate safety measures are adopted to prevent risks such as unlawful access of personal information by external sources, and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information. In addition, an information administrator is appointed for each business unit that handles personal information and in addition to striving to appropriately manage personal information, rules will be established regarding information security and staff members will be fully educated regarding their detail.
In addition, in cases where work related to operation of MCR’s website is outsourced, or when work related to usage and management of customer personal information is outsourced, MCR will strictly monitor and manage the handling of personal information by the said consigned party.

5.Revision of this policy
The contents of this policy may be revised when required and on this account, MCR asks that its contents be verified periodically.

6.Contact details
It is extremely important that customer fully understand how personal information is handled. Please contact MCR at, if you have any questions or comments regarding the above content.

If a customer wants to verify his/her personal information, please contact